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Moral Ethics.

The digital lifestyle has affected almost every aspect of our life. And that includes parenting. Children watch television, they seek something through it. But they are unaware that the debates demonstrated there is just a part of the acting. Kids are like a sponge. They absorb everything they see or hear. Moral values are something that is lacking in some youngsters. If you're an elder, then it's your responsibility to instil moral values in your children as early as possible. If you want them to grow up to be productive members of society, you must teach them. Nowadays, children have lack patience and they are short-tempered, which results in disrespect of the elders. They try to be straight forward and they forget the ethics, not to interrupt in between when someone is talking. So here are some ethics that we need to consider:- (1) Distinguish between right and wrong or good and bad. It can eventually promote rational thinking and unbiased judgment. (2) Provides a perspective that shapes attitudes and beliefs towards various aspects of life. (3) Share moral experiences. (4) Acknowledge good behaviour. (5) Communicate clearly. (6) Ask for suggestions. (7) Be a good decision-maker. (8) Be straightforward, but don't try to act cool unnecessary. (9) Gratitude. (10) Honesty. (11) Co-operation. (12) Self-control. Although, sharing your thoughts and suggestions with elders is not at all wrong. Be respectful, focus on what they are saying and then respond.

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