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Quantaum Analysis

This is a project related to basic knowledge of the rotaract and SWOT analysis of the club. This is a year long project conducted on phases. This project provides day to day working of the club.


Phase 1:- To do SWOT Analysis of club and basic idea about working of the club in a good way.

Phase 2:-. To do SWOT analysis of the club and to know the performance of the club by taking feedback.

Ground Work:-

  1. Avenue meet for discussion

  2. Preparing Google forms

  3. Sharing PR message of the project

  4. Circulating Google forms with gbms

Quarter 1:-

After collecting response from the Google forms which was shared to the team members and gbms.

One meet was conducted the crowd was addressed by the team HRD.

They asked some questions in Google forms and what answers they got from that were shared.

  1. Reason of joining the club - They found that mostly gbms join club to do extra curricular activities for self development and community service.

  2. Team performance in quarter 1 - 67% responses are in favor of excellent and rest of the responses were in between in which we had a scope of improvements.

  3. Expectations from team - Gbms mostly responded to conduct more projects, sports, fun games and some interaction session.

  4. Team feedback form - They have seen lack of coordination and communication in those feedback forms. And it is on progress to improve these.

  5. Main avenue form - Here team provide feedback to the main and the supporting avenues.

Then, the SWOT analysis was undertaken of the club in which they found that


Good count of member

Excitement among team members and gbms

Good support from gcms.


Low Rotaract knowledge of gbms

Lack of experience

Team co-ordination


Some avenues like HRD were newly introduced in the club.


Permission issues in conducting projects.

Quarter 2:-.

Here also some questions asked in the Google forms and it was addressed in a meet.

  1. How is the gbms experience in Rotaract - They found that gbms were more excited to explore new things and express themselves in the Rotaract and also they love to provide community services.

  2. Does the performance of team improved as compared to previous - They found that team had performed very well as compared to previous.

  3. Does some avenues finding difficulty in getting projects - In the first quarter it was difficult to find project but with increasing experience in quarter 2 it was found that it was not a big issue now.

  4. Expectations from team - As gbms wants to take some lead in the projects or events and we provided them the same.

  5. Main and supporting avenues feedback form - Here feedback was collected and discussion conducted wherein they are facing problems in project or in their avenue.

Then again, SWOT analysis was undertaken. As Strengths, opportunities and threats were the same as previous but the weaknesses was reduced.


Low attendance of some members in projects

Availability of venue for conducting projects.

Project Execution-

Quarter 1 was conducted on 17 October and quarter 2 was conducted on 20 January in Birla college initiated by our Team HRD.

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