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This project was conducted by the "Professional Development Avenue" of RC Birla College on October 16- 21, 2022.

The aim of this programme was to encourage fun and strengthen teamwork among GBMs.

1. This workshop was held for the team members and GBMs.

2. This workshop was held on October 16th, 17th, 19th, and 21st for 4 days.

3. This workshop was designed to help GBMs have fun and improve teamwork among participants.

4. All of the diyas were decorated before being turned over to ED Rtr. Om Thakur.

Day 1 (17th October)

5. On October 16th, Rtr. Yadav Disha Rtr. GCM Rtr. and Nikita Karir. Kanchan

taught the GBMs and team members how to decorate and paint a diya, and on the first day we reached our goal of 50 diyas.

Day 2 (18th October)

6. GBM's decorated 70 diyas on October 17 with the assistance of team members, using their own unique designs.

Day 3 & 4 (19th & 21st October)

7. We produced 50 diyas after the first batch sold out and the purchaser requested more, then another 40 the next day. In order to help us adorn additional diyas, GBM's were glad to assist us on October 19 and October 21.

8. A total of 210 diyas were embellished before being sent to ED director Rtr. Om Thakur for sale by PD director Rtr. Disha Yadav.

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