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This project was conducted by the "Professional Development Avenue" of RC Birla College on October 07, 2022.

1. Team Secretariat - Rtr. Khushi Patil and Rtr. Ayush Tiwari conducted this session.

2. At 11:00 AM, the project began after team members arrived.

3. The project's goal was outlined by the director.

4. Joint Secretary Rtr. Ayush Tiwari began by outlining how to create a report and how to improve one's writing abilities.

5. Later, Rtr. Khushi Patil discussed how to construct a POA (Plan of Action), the essential components of making one, as well as the PR message that should be sent and how to create one.

6. The director acknowledges the attendees.

7. The project was ended at 1:00 PM.

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