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This project was conducted by the "Professional Development Avenue" of RC Birla College on September 30- October 01, 2022.

DAY-1 (30th September):

1. On 30th September, 2022 director and team members arrived an hour early to make necessary arrangements.

2. Counter were set for registration and verifications. ( for both the days )

3. After everyone was arrived project got started with the collaring of President.

4. The workshop was lead by faculty member Shruti shah ma'am.

5. Everyone was thrilled for the session because Shruti shah ma'am taught them 4-5 simple steps that everyone could quickly master.

6. Club members assisted with this workshop because there was such a large audience at the end everyone was cooperative and the session went pretty successfully.

7. After the session there was an hour Garba for the participants.

8. On the day end we had a total number of registration of 78 students from Third year.

DAY-2 (1st October):

9. On 1st October, 2022 main event Garba for the third year student was there.

10. There was a competition for best male dancer, best female dancer and best outfit.

11. A Theme was decided by the team advisory for the competition.

12. The judge's for the competition were Madhu ma'am, Avani ma'am and Shruti ma'am

13. All the teaching staff of department of managements studies of B.K. Birla College were invited for the final day.

14. Later it was the time for results  best male dancer was Shubham limbad  best female dancer was sejal

15. At the end everyone enjoyed the event the total registration was 96 students.

16. Vice-President gave vote of thanks.

17. Secretarial announcement.

18. Project adjourned by president.

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