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Rock Rotaract

This project is basically conducted to provide information regarding: 1. What is rotaract? 2. What is the objectives of rotaract? 3. Which qualities you can see in you after joining rotaract? 4. Which positive things that will help you in future?

AIM:-The basic aim of this project is to provide basic idea about the rotaract.

WHAT HAPPENED? • Firstly, the arrangement of board and projector was done at seminar hall. • Registration for this project started by 9:45 and çlosed by 10:15. • This project was conducted to provide basic knowledge related 'what is rotaract?' & ' why to join rotaract?'. • These two questions were greatly explain by our District HRD Chairman Rtr. Adil Khan & • They encouraged members to be with rotaract it will help you to achieve everything what you desire in your life. • They also conducted a small game and said to take out pen and a blank paper and draw something which you can relate with yourself. • Every members had done it very excitedly and also presented that drawing in front of everyone why that drawing relates with them

Project Execution:- This project was conducted by our HRD Chairman and HRD Directors on 10th November,2019 at Seminar Hall.

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