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Rotary Rotaract Marathon

This project was conducted by "Partner-in-service" avenue of Rc Birla on 12th January, 2020 from 5:45 am to 8:30 am.


• To motivate people for participating in Marathon.

• To help handicapped people by raising funds through entry fees.

Project Execution:

• This project was conducted by Rc Birla along with Rotary & other clubs.

• Here, all the participants were participating in Marathon for doing a certain good cause for handicapped people.

• Registration committee started their work by distributing the T- shirts to the participants & volunteers.

• There was an arrangement of warm up session by the zumba trainers.

• A run of biped person can cause a great job for someone this message was conveyed through this project.

• Then the Marathon was started with an announcement.

• More than 800 participants participated in Marathon.

• After that all the winners of marathon had been awarded by the medals & trophies.

• With this the project was ended by addressing the crowd by the Rotary president.

• The total attendance for this project was 52.

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