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Saksham Reloaded

This project is basically conducted for providing training to the gbms ‘how to work as a team’ and a basic idea of corporate work and selection procedure. Many a time it has been observed that without any job training the employee can’t understand the procedures of his/her job. So, the reason for giving training is that to inculcate interest in their work.


The Aim of the project is to inculcate interest and selection of Team 2020-21.

What happened?

Arrangement of venue, projector and laptops were done.

PR message of the project was given before with the application forms.

Preparation of selection criteria sheet and necessary paper work.

Phase 1-

1. Phase 1 of saksham reloaded was conducted from 2nd February to 28th February. Team 19- 20 meet was conducted and gbms meet also conducted.

2. Further, one change was brought in saksham reloaded that team 19-20 also have to go throughfrom saksham by avenue swap and have to bring projects of their swap avenue and projects would be selected by our Gcms and they have to conduct the projects as per their planning.

Phase 2 was conducted on following days:O1.Onn 2nd March, session was conducted by our President Rtr. Pratik Singh- He explained in details about his roles, duties and responsibilities through ppt. Also took gbms feedback and answered for different questions arised in the minds of gbms.

Our IPP Rtr. Shivam Yadav given a task to find out the non terminated council members of Rid 3142 for council 52 and to find out the council members of council 53. Also taken a mock interview of the gbms.

On that day itself; our past president Rtr. Vinay Mahant took a session and he explained essentials of Rotaract in their life.

On 3rd March, Our Secretary Rtr. Ramya and our joint secretary Rtr. Diya explained their roles, duties, eligibility, qualities a secretary should posses and responsibilities. They also explained about the report procedures and format .

Further session was continued by our Pr & Marketing directors (Rtr. Aastha, Rtr. Sabha & Rtr. Pooja) they also explained their roles, responsibilities, eligibility and qualities.

Later on, session was continued by our Editorial directors ( Rtr. Srabani & Rtr. Sakshi) they explained their roles, responsibilities, eligibility, qualities and blogs format.

On 4th March, Our vice president Rtr. Rutuja explained her duties, roles and responsibilities and also explained ‘how they appoint oc’s for the projects.

Further session was continued by our Pd directors ( Rtr. Kanchan and Rtr. Roshani) and our PIS directors ( Rtr. Sanjana, Rtr. Priyanka & Rtr. Pooja) they explained about their roles, responsibilities and eligibility criteria and also conducted activity.

On 5th March, Our Treasurer Rtr. Prajakta & Joint Treasurer Rtr. Aachal explained how they handle financial aspect of the club, roles, responsibilities and eligibility criteria.

Further the session was continued by our Entrepreneurship directors ( Rtr. Sagar and Rtr. Shruti) and our CSD directors ( Rtr. Sweta & Rtr. Ishika) about their roles, duties, responsibilities and eligibility criteria.

On 9th March, Our HRD chairman ( Rtr. Soham) and HRD directors ( Rtr. Rohan & Rtr. Mayuri) explained their roles, responsibilities, eligibility and qualities.

Later on, the session was continued by our ISD directors ( Rtr. Hiba & Rtr. Srushti) explained their roles, duties, eligibility and responsibilities.

Futher, one task was given to gbms to write down 1 page about twin and sister club, IDYE, ICYE, IYE, etc.

On 11th March, our SAA ( Rtr. Parma) explained about bylaws and working of the club, roles and duties.

Further our Sports directors( Rtr. Mahima, Rtr. Aniket & Rtr. Tejas) and our Creative directors ( Rtr. Vaibhav, Rtr. Aishwarya, Rtr. Chandani & Rtr. Rishita) continued the session and explained about their roles, responsibilities and duties.

Phase 3-

On 13th March, Group discussion was conducted which is assessed by our president and secretary and accordingly given points to the gbms.

On 14th March, the Interviews was conducted and for interviews panel were settled consists of past presidents, current president and secretary and our team advisory.

On that day, Team 2020-21 were selected and announced at 10 p.m.

Project Execution:-

This project was conducted by our team HRD.

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