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Senior Citizen

Senior citizens play a significant role in our family as well as in society. In the family, they play the role of a leader who guides the family in the right direction. A senior member of the family always wants to make a family living in harmony without engaging in fights with others. In society, elders present is necessary for supporting and nurturing the present young generation by giving them a social position, and culture.

Nowadays we don't spend much time with our elders. So to know their thoughts and opinions. Our Partner in Service Directors came up with an initiative, wherein the senior citizens shared their opinion for the new generation.

Older generations have decades of experience to share with younger generations. As we're in a pandemic, we can utilise our valuable time in finding something new and correcting those mistakes that we are doing for a long time. Here our senior citizen has written a letter directing the younger generation.

They included the above points in the letter. They are as follows:-

(1) Ask your seniors before taking a decision.

(2) Spend quality time with them.

(3) Stop using the phone for hours as it affects your eyes.

(4) Take guidance from the seniors in your home before selecting your career.

(5) Provide them with a comfortable living environment.

(6) Appreciate their experience.

(7) If your elders are living far away from home, then visit them during vacations.

(8) Be polite.

(9) Eat together.

(10) Discuss family heritage, history and traditions.

(11) Tell them how much you appreciate and respect them.

(12) Help your elders when they need or want something.

Also, the letter written by a senior citizen is enclosed here. Please have a look at the same.

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