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Suraksha ka Bandhan 4.0

We know the pledge which we were speaking since from our school life.

"India is my country

All Indians are my brother and sister."

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan we tie Rakhi on our brothers wrist but we forget about those brothers who provide protection to us.


The aim of this project is to tie Rakhi to the brothers who protect us.

Step Taken:-

•Our team members with GBM's visited police station which is situated in •They met each and every policemen available in that police station and told them to join this project. •Our members and team tied Rakhi on their wrist and took blessings from them. •Police officers also offered refreshments to us. •Attendance also taken by the project chairperson. •After that we had clicked many pics with them and back to home.

Project Execution:- This project was conducted by our community service Directors on 15th August,2019.

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