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"The Untold Feelings"

This project was conducted by the "Public Relation & Marketing Avenue" of RC Birla from 18th May to 22nd May, 2020 from 5:00pm to 6:00 pm.


• To epitomise the selfless services of Corona Warriors.

• To comprehend the emotions of family members of Corona Warriors.

Steps Taken:

• The whole world is praising the efforts that are being made by corona warriors to ensure everyone's safety everywhere.

• Rc Birla had taken an initiative to get to know about the notions of family members of Corona Warriors.

• During the live sessions we used to ask them few questions prepared in prior.

• Family members of Corona Warriors expressed their genuine & positive thoughts which was greatly scrumptious.

• Directors had arranged the talk with the family members of a Police, Doctor & a teacher who are persistencly rendering their services.

• This was the small verge which PR & Marketing Directors had taken & conducted this decentish project.

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