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Summary:- This project is basically about to teach how to make CV, Resume and Bio-data.

Everyone is aware with these terms and many of peoples tried it while going for an interview.

The best thing is not making these three but the most important thing how to order them in a

best way.

Aim:- To teach how to prepare your Resume, CV and Bio-data.

Steps taken:-

1) Discussed project idea with president and team.

2) Making and sharing of PR message and JPEG.

3) The project was mainly conducted to teach how to prepare a good Resume, CV and


4) This project was started with the explanation of these terms, do & don't, it's

importance, how to prepare it.

5) After that difference between these three was explained.

6) Learning how to prepare it is very important because " first impression is the last

impression ever".

7) Further, all members were requested to make these three uniquely and share with


Project Execution:-

This project was conducted by our Professional Development Directors on 13th may 2020

from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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