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What we should do in our free time?

It's being a year that we are facing a pandemic. Some people are working from home and some are learning from home. Sometimes we feel exhausted when we stick to our daily routine. Often we don't feel to do anything. We just sit idle, thinking about what we can do to utilise our time. So if we talk about entertainment. What will you prefer? Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Watching Web series. But what if you don't want to limit yourself to these things. When we've plenty of time, so we should utilise it for performing some productive work for enhancing our knowledge and skills, along with developing a new habit. Feeling bored and stuck during this time is common, but do not let those feelings overpower you. So here's a list of things that you can do during your free time. (1) Hone your cooking skills. (2) Read a book (not from your phone). (3) Exercise. (4) Get motivated. (5) Start a podcast. (6) Write a letter. (7) Start Journaling. (8) Learn how to do calligraphy. (9) Play mind games. (10) Make a list of your goals. (11) Make a plan to achieve your goals. (12) Draw something. (13) Work on your hobby. (14) Make music. (15) Organize your photo album. (16) Plant some seeds. (17) Learn a new language. (18) Write a gratitude list regularly. (Law of attraction) (19) Improve your general knowledge. (20) Host an online tea party. (21) Create a scrapbook. (22) Spend time with your parents and grandparents. (23) Arrange an online scavenger hunt. (24) Create secure passwords for your account. (25) Do the remaining work. (26) Overcome your fears. (27) Unsubscribe from unwanted emails. (28) Follow a youtube tutorial. (29) Start editing. (30) Play indoor games. Entertainment is not about restricting ourselves to social media, but it's also about making the best use of it. We have numerous resources, so properly utilise them. Hope it helps!

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