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Book Swap (Phase-2)

This proect "Book Swap (Phase-2)" on 8th February, 2020 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm at B.S.M's secondary School & Jr. College, Thane.


• To reunite the books with rightful owner.

• To discuss the everything & nothing between the pages of swapped stories.

Project Execution:

• The project "Book Swap (Phase-2)" was conducted along with the following clubs:

* Rotaract club of Thane Central

* Rotaract club of Thane Creekside

*Rotaract club of DYPSBB satellite city

* Rotaract club of Bharati Vidyapeeth Sunrise

* Rotaract club of Thane skyline

* Rotaract club of Thane hills

* Rotaract club of youth royal College

* Rotaract club of KV pendharkar college

* Rotaract club of Ulhasnagar Sapna Garden.

• Club service directors of all the clubs gathered 1 hour prior for decoration & other arrangements.

• Participants were asked to introduce themselves where they had to include their vicious pleasure while introducing them.

• This was followed by swapping of book to its right owner.

• later on, the participants were told to dialogue about the book what does they loved about the book & further nominate to another person who wasn't from his/ her club.

• After this, there was an arrangement of game also called human bingo.

• Later on, there was a discussion round of books which were swapped.

• At the end, all the participants who attended the project were appreciated for spending their precious time for the project.

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