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This project was conducted by the "Sports Avenue" of RC Birla College on September 20, 2022.

To test the compatibility of Members and to see there leadership skills.

1. On 20 September 2022 director and team arrived 1 hours early to set up the things.

2. Participants were allot a time slot they started arriving 30 min before their match.

3. Score boarding was done manually we had a score sheets for every match.

4. Project started with the Collaring of President.

5. Director gave her introduction and welcome all the participants.

6. Verification of participants was done before every match for the fairplay.

7. Before every match captains of respective teams where called for a toss.

8.There was a total of 24 teams and each matches were of 30 mins.

9. All the matches were knockout and the match was of 4 overs.

10. In first round, out of 24 teams there were 12 team remaining in which 2 teams were given by for the next round (while the draw 2 teams got by).

11. Out of 12 teams 6 teams got eliminated and 6 teams moved forward towards quarter-finals.

12. After that from 6 teams 3 teams got eliminated and 3 team moved towards semi-finals.

13. Among the top 3 team we took Round-robin and top 2 higher scoring team were the finalists of Cricket basher.

14. The 3 place was given to the team who scored less points.

15. At the end we got our two winners 1st FY BMS B and 2nd TY MARKETING.

16. Vice-President gave vote of thanks.

17. On 3rd October 2022 price distribution was done.

18.President adjourned the projects.

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