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Khelo Dimag Se

This project was conducted by the "Sports Avenue" of RC Birla College on July 20, 2022.


On July 18th, 2022:

1) The promotion of the project started with an activity on the official WhatsApp group wherein the director asked some sports- and general knowledge-based questions to the participants.

2) With full enthusiasm, participants answered. Later on, the PR message and JPEG were circulated, along with the WhatsApp group link created for the project. Furthermore, interested participants joined the WhatsApp group for more details.

3) Offline promotion of the project was done in the classes of the Department of Management Studies at B.K. Birla College on the same day.

On July 20th, 2022:

1) The chairperson and the core team arrived 30 minutes early to set up the equipment.

2) The offline promotion of the project was done in the classes, and the registration desk was open till 12:30 PM.

3) After the arrival of participants, the project was started at 11:00 AM by collaring the president.

4) The director, along with the introduction, explained all the rules and concepts of the project.

5). The competition was conducted in hybrid mode. Participants were asked to download the "chess online" application. Herein, the first two rounds were played online, and the semi-finals and finals were played offline. whereas the whole carrom competition was conducted in offline mode, on the carrom board.

6) An attendance list was circulated among the participants, and with the help of the team members, drawings for the matches were formed and circulated among the participants.

7) Two team members were allotted as referees in both competitions, and coins were flipped to give them a fair chance to choose sides.

8) The flow of the project was as follows:


(i) We started first with the chess competition. There were 16 participants in the first round, and between them, 8 knockout matches were conducted. Winners were promoted to the best rounds.

After that, we started with the qualifier rounds of the chess competition. Here, four matches were played, and the top four players were selected for the semi-finals.

ii) Following the conclusion of the semi-finals, we had our finalists, who competed in the finals.

iii) The winner of the chess competition was Nitin Babuji, and the runner-up was Sumit Singh.


i) We began the cribbage competition at the same time.

ii) Duo matches were played until the semi-final round, and four players would compete in the final round.

iii) There were 32 participants for the carrom competition, and accordingly, 16 participants were eliminated and 16 participants qualified for the next round.

iv) Qualifier rounds were held, from which we selected our top eight competitors.

v) In the semi-final round, four matches were played, and the top four winners were selected for the final round. The winner of the final round was Arman Shaikh, and the runner-up was Sahil Tagadkar.

vi) The winners were awarded a certificate and a gift, whereas the runners-up were felicitated with a certificate.

vii) Lastly, the project was concluded with the feedback from the participants.

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