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Emojyfy Yourself

This project was conducted by the "Club Service Avenue" of RC Birla from 21st April to 25th April 2020.


• To increase the bond between team & members.

• To enjoy the fun activities organised by the directors.

Steps Taken:

• Now-a-days emojis are commonly used as means of communication while texting to someone.

• People are fond of sharing emojis rather than texting.

• So, in order to savouring a fun activity, club service directors organised this project.

• Where in, firstly they provided some tongue twister lines to the participants.

• All the participants need to make the videos for the same.

• After that they had to share the picture of themselves posing like their favourite emoji.

• On first day we posted all the tongue twister videos on our story & after that pictures that we had received also got posted on Instagram.

• Everyone enjoyed a lot this project. The attendance for the project was 24.

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