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Excel yourself 2.0 Excel yourself 2.0

Are you the one who has phobia of public speaking? Are you the one who has stage fear? OR Are you the one who is fantastic at exploring their qualities in front of others, the one who is excellent in communication skills. If yes then here is the platform for you all to showcase your command on communication skills, to explore your qualities. This project was conducted by "Professional Development Avenue" of RC Birla on 6th February, 2020 at BK Birla college from 11:00 am onwards. Purpose: • To develop soft skills. • To examine the communication skills. Project Execution: • This project was conducted with an initiative to examine the various qualities of the participants. • This project was started at sharp 11:00 am. • This project was consisting of 4 rounds. • Level 1: Introduction round • Level 2: Group discussion & extempore • Level 3: Ad man show • Level 4: Debate (each team consisting of 5 members) • On first day the project started with the round one i.e introduction round wherein, participants had to introduce themself as well as their team in unique & creative way. • After the completion of first round, there was ad man show round. • Wherein, all the participants had to select a product or any service on whjch they wish to do marketing. • Participants were given 5 minutes to think & they had to present a ad man show of atleast 3-5 minutes. • All the participants had given their best & out of 9 teams total 6 teams were selected for the next round. • On second day, by continuing the part of third round group discussion session was started. • Wherein, all the teams were given specific topic for the group discussion round. • After that out of 6 teams total 4 teams were got selected for the next round. • Then, there was the last round of debate between the teams. • Wherein, out of 4 teams 2 teams were selected & they had final amongst them. • After that winning team & runner up team were decided by the judges. • From this project there was a income of Rs.350 whereas, expenditure was Rs. 110 • The total attendance of this project was 138 (inclusive of club rotaractors, alumni, non- rotaractors)

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