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Retrostation (12th Installation Ceremony)

'Retrostation' this project was conducted by Club service avenue of Rotaract Club of Birla College on 18th July 2020 from 1 pm to 3 pm on zoom application.

• As we can't organise an on-ground ceremony in this pandemic. The installation ceremony was conducted virtually on the zoom application and YouTube.

• Firstly we made a promotional message and invited all the guests and our buddy rotaractors.

• Our honourable chief guest for the day was Rtn.Rtr. Amit Lad, District 3142 and guest of honour was Rtr. Lalitkumar Kulkarni, rotary president. It was an immense pleasure to have these wonderful personalities in our installation.

• All the dignitaries were given a warm welcome and awards were given to the best board of directors and best newcomers.

• Akansha sang a beautiful retro song.

• Rtr. Pratik Singh gave his outgoing speech and signed off for the last time as a president for the year.

• Rtr. Shashant Singh, president for the year 20-21, gave his acceptance and released the year theme 'Dhruv Tara'. Then he introduced the core team.

• Board of directors were introduced by their respective Vice President.

• Chief Guest and Guest of Honour addressed the crowd and motivated team with their motivational and supportive words.

• Vote of thanks was given by Rtr. Afaan Shaikh, Vice President for year 20-21.

• First secretarial announcement was done by Rtr. Neha suryawanshi, secretary for the year 20-21.

• First SAA announcement was done by Rtr. Mehtab Khatik, Sergeant at arms for the year 20-21.

• President, Rtr. Shashant Singh adjourned the 12th installation ceremony 'Retrostation'.

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