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Rotary Rotaract League (RRL)

Cricket is the most famous, popular & favourite game of everyone & especially childrens. This game is liked by the people of almost all age group as it is very interesting & suspicious game.


• This project was conducted aiming to create good & harmonious relationship between the clubs.

Project Execution:

"Rotary Rotaract League" this project was conducted by "Sports Avenue" AND "Partner-In-Service Avenue" of RC Birla, RC Kalyan Central & RC Kalyan West on 15th September, 2019 from 3pm at kine garden ture, near Cinemax Kalyan W.

Steps taken:

• All the participants & audience had reached at venue before half an hour.

• The 4 competitor teams were formed with 11 players in each team. (Inclusive of girls also)

• Before starting the game , a coin was tossed by the captain of the team to decide which team start batting first & other one bowling.

• Every player was playing for a very common aim of getting maximum scores.

• Everyone was playing with a great enthusiasm.

• The most fun & interesting element was that all the ladies & girls had a match of cricket which was greatly appreciating.

• At last the winner team was announced.

• The attendance of the project was:

Rotarians 32

Rcbirla 14

Rckw 17

Rckc 15

Which was forming a part of grand total of 78 people

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