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The Dictator 2.0

Kio was extremely angry as he didn't succeed in taking vengeance. He entangled the audience, tortured him for a couple of days, tried to make their situation worse but couldn't do that.

On a cold winter's night, about 1:30 AM, Kio, locked the entire audience to the van and shifted them to the cold room, which was situated near the circus. A cold room in winter is especially frustrating as people can die due to thunder. When the van came to halt, everything was dark, Kio heard footsteps behind him in the darkness and a black figure appeared. The shadow slightly disappeared and it was a clear indication that someone ran

away from the trap.

Kio didn't follow the person and locked the remaining audience. He found that a girl named Sophia ran away and she positioned a letter in the van. When Kio spotted the letter and read it, he became extremely malicious, the words mentioned in the letter added fuel to the fire.

The letter was quoted as "forgiveness is the key, you can forgive us because we are not the ones who should confront this. It's not about revenge, it's about taking someone's life just for the sake of contentment. Although, what happened with your father was his destiny. A clown is meant to be laughed at, so I don't think there is something wrong if people made fun of your father. I hope you understand".

This letter made him so incredibly hateful. The statement mentioned there wasn't true as the torture his father confronted wasn't his destiny. Kio decided to kidnap the family of the girl to explain to her that not everything that comes in your path is your destiny, sometimes it's unfair.

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